Getting America Back to Work...Safely

What’s the plan?

Without a credible plan, the nation will be in fear and chaos for a long time. COVID-19 infections are peaking in parts of the country, but contrary to President Trump’s assurances that he will open the economy soon, the surgeon general recently declared that many places in the US will not be able to open on May 1. So who decides? What are the criteria? What if infection rates spike again?

How to Transform Communities

As appears in Jackson Hole Economics (Jackson Hole Economics: How to Transform Communities)

People everywhere are concerned about the sustainability of their communities. Extreme income disparities, affordable housing shortages, rising homelessness, and worsening crime are only some of the myriad of problems that surround many of us.

Lansing Should Focus on Solving Problems, Not Securing Wins

In today’s political world, many are a bit surprised at how little gets done. Others are exasperated at the divisiveness, the name-calling, even the lying of politicians. And others are content that their party is in power and will do the right thing.  

What is interesting is that this landscape of politics hasn’t changed much from the founding days. I was reminded as I watched “Hamilton” that the bitterness, the rivalry, the name-calling was present even as that rogue band of innovators took on a new form of government.