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We really need to change the question. Rather than ‘should we” or “should we not”, the real question should be “at what price?”

Video and story on Cascade Engineering reflecting my thoughts about adding purpose to a business and thinking beyond the bottom line.

This socially conscious approach to business has endeared Cascade to partners and customers alike, and demonstrates the importance of thinking beyond the bottom line to find success.

Please click the link below to read the article and see the video.

It takes not only inspired leaders, but also progressive thinkers, and customers willing to buy from businesses going against the grain.

It takes courage and focus to do the right thing, to listen deeply, to display compassion, to be calm when the storm is whirling and raging.

The key to how people interact is the degree to which people feel comfortable talking about subjects that really matter to them.

Businesses have proven over and over again that doing something good for society and the environment can in fact also be good for business.

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