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In the late 1960’s, riots and assassinations of my heroes left me disillusioned. Out of this trying period, I founded Cascade Engineering. I believed that business could have a heart and play a positive role in society. I felt we could create an organization that could treat its people in ways that would be uplifting and motivating, professionally and personally. Simply put, I wanted to build a company where colleagues would know they were valued as human beings, not just employees.

With national elections right around the corner, there is growing angst about which party can deliver on the promise of a better economy for all people. Republicans are betting on the de-regulated and unfettered practice of capitalism, while Democrats are embracing more government intervention to drive a thriving economy. As if often the case in an ideological debate, the ‘right’ path is probably some combination of the two.

What’s the plan?

Without a credible plan, the nation will be in fear and chaos for a long time. COVID-19 infections are peaking in parts of the country, but contrary to President Trump’s assurances that he will open the economy soon, the surgeon general recently declared that many places in the US will not be able to open on May 1. So who decides? What are the criteria? What if infection rates spike again?

As published in Jackson Hole Economics

COVID-19 is ripping the veneer off society and exposing our ‘system’ as unprepared to provide appropriately for a large swath of the population.

As appears in Jackson Hole Economics (

People everywhere are concerned about the sustainability of their communities. Extreme income disparities, affordable housing shortages, rising homelessness, and worsening crime are only some of the myriad of problems that surround many of us.

In today’s political world, many are a bit surprised at how little gets done. Others are exasperated at the divisiveness, the name-calling, even the lying of politicians. And others are content that their party is in power and will do the right thing.  

We really need to change the question. Rather than ‘should we” or “should we not”, the real question should be “at what price?”

Video and story on Cascade Engineering reflecting my thoughts about adding purpose to a business and thinking beyond the bottom line.

This socially conscious approach to business has endeared Cascade to partners and customers alike, and demonstrates the importance of thinking beyond the bottom line to find success.

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