Business For Good

Rings of Impact

With national elections right around the corner, there is growing angst about which party can deliver on the promise of a better economy for all people. Republicans are betting on the de-regulated and unfettered practice of capitalism, while Democrats are embracing more government intervention to drive a thriving economy. As if often the case in an ideological debate, the 'right' path is probably some combination of the two.

A Manufacturing Company in Michigan Demonstrates the Power of Compassion on Business Success

This socially conscious approach to business has endeared Cascade to partners and customers alike, and demonstrates the importance of thinking beyond the bottom line to find success.

Please click the link below to read the article from HuffPost and see the video.


The Heart of the CEO

Chutzpah and Humility

From stories revolving around the likes of Enron’s Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling and Bernie Madoff’s giant Ponzi scheme and narratives about “The Greed of Wall Street,” many believe that “CEO” is just another four-letter word!  Truth be told, there are more than a few unscrupulous CEOs who use their power and wealth to do things that if not illegal, are at least arguably immoral.

Purpose and Profit: An Overview

Purpose and Profit are often thought of as two ends of a spectrum or not even related. After all, business has only one purpose: to make as much profit for its owners as possible according to Milton Friedman, the 20th Century economist to whom many ascribe our current thoughts about the modern corporation’s role.

This blog will demonstrate that Friedman didn’t get it wrong, his pronouncement just didn’t go far enough.